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Bundling Your Car and Home Insurance Can Save You Money

Discount Car Insurance Rates / Bundling Your Car and Home Insurance Can Save You Money

There are various ways to save money on home insurance and car insurance. By purchasing auto and home insurance through the same provider, many find they can receive a discount. The insurance industry typically rewards loyalty, and merging two separate policies into one surely benefits the insured. Most A rated insurance companies offer discounts when you purchase both home and auto insurance through them. Insurers usually offer some form of discount when you purchase more than one policy.

While purchasing home and auto insurance from the same insurance company can save you money, many people don't realize how this or other simple ideas can be beneficial. The following tips can be done in a matter of minutes, either through research or with an agent, and will likely save money in the long run.

  • Reviewing a home insurance policy to see if reduced coverage could be realized.
  • Increasing a home or auto insurance policy's deductible can increase savings in a year, assuming no claims are made on the account.
  • Move high risk coverage to a separate insurance policy, if the research says it will save money. For instance, many places offer wind or flood damage as separate policies. Make sure the home insurance policy has no conflicts with this arrangement.
  • If purchasing new coverage, be sure to shop around or both home and auto. The results may save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Put security measures in place, like a home alarm system.
  • Buy a home near a fire station for increased security, which lowers home owner's insurance
  • Have your home surveyed for wind mitigation factors and submit the survey to your home owner's insurance company for discounts related to the survey results.

Bundling your car and home insurance can save you money just like the previous tips we described. Auto insurance tends to drop in price as we grow in age and as we become more responsible behind the wheel. Drivers who experience the following should see a decrease in their auto insurance policy premium, thus saving them money.

  • No accidents or claims on the auto insurance policy within three to five years.
  • No moving violations.
  • Drivers who purchase a safe vehicle will realize savings over those who drive poorly rated sports cars and the like.
  • Theft deterrents will save some money on auto insurance.

When you combine both home and auto insurance through the same insurance company the discount comes immediately. There's usually no probationary period. Typically the discount you receive could reach a few hundred dollars, depending on the value of your home and car. To find out more information on bundling your car and home insurance to save you money, visit the website of a prospective insurer to review their offers. Most insurance companies post these discounts. You can also contact an agent or call the insurance company directly.

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