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Driving violations and DUIs have a big effect on the price of car insurance. We can help you compare quotes online and pick the best, most inexpensive plan available for your situation. There are many different driving violations that can occur, and each of them may affect your monthly rate. Speeding tickets, accidents, injuries, careless driving, DUIs and many other things can affect how much you pay for your car insurance policy, so it is a good idea not to commit any driving violations to keep your cheap auto insurance rates. Driving violations will add points to your driving record, and this record is checked by the auto insurance provider before you are quoted a premium. Speeding tickets can add from two points up, depending on how many miles over the speed limit you are traveling. Usually ten miles or less is two points, and then the points rise incrementally according to the speed.

Some driving violations will instantly result in higher auto insurance rates. DUI violations will result in higher car insurance without a delay, because these violations put you into a high risk auto insurance category. This means your car insurance rates will skyrocket, and your auto insurance coverage may be canceled. Careless or reckless driving violations also cause you to pay much higher vehicle insurance rates, because these violations are also considered high risk, and the odds of an accident or injury occurring is much higher. Car insurance premiums are based on risks, and any moving violation which reflects an increase in these risks will result in higher car insurance premiums.

Cheap car insurance is available for high risk drivers. Your driving record is only one factor considered by the auto insurance companies, and if all the other factors are favorable then a few points on your record may not cause a huge increase in your car insurance premiums. Points on your driving record are not a good thing, so avoiding them by obeying the traffic laws is advisable or else cheap auto insurance may become just a dream. Keeping your record free of driving violations will help you find the cheapest car insurance policy around. We recommend comparing two to five companies before purchasing a policy as a high risk driver.

Free online quotes can help simplify the process and you save money on your car insurance, no matter how many driving violations you have. Using our free car insurance quote engine will let you see the rates and coverage limits from several different vehicle insurance companies online, so you can compare these quotes and find the company that offers you the best deal. Different car insurance providers will analyze and assess the risk factors differently, so one provider will assess your risks lower than another provider may. Cheap car insurance can be found by using these online car insurance quotes without having to give up any needed coverage. Car insurance rates do not have to be sky high, if you drive carefully and cautiously, and use auto insurance quotes to find low prices. Whether you are a safe driver or a high risk driver, you do not have to pay more for your car insurance needs.

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